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Our ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT CERAMIC CONVERSION SYSTEM removes oxygen free radicals while adding minerals that ultimately create antioxidant water to help you maintain youthfulness and health. Our secret is our patented process that utilizes hydrogen, activated ceramics, and a State of the Art System that naturally removes the oxygen free radicals and re-energizes your water. It is all housed inside a medical grade plastic portable pitcher that helps prevent the formation of bacteria.

This process allows the treated water to produce “Healthy Antioxidant/Alkaline Water” that will boost your metabolism and help you maintain overall health. Through the process, the water clusters get smaller so they are absorbed much quicker into your system, thus hydrating your body more efficiently. Finally, the water now TASTES GREAT, another huge benefit.Because the ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT CERAMIC CONVERSION SYSTEM treats the water naturally with Magnetite and Tourmaline Ceramic Materials it allows you to pour the water from your pitcher after 20 to 25 minutes into a storage bottle to be used at a later date. The Water treated by the ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT CERAMIC CONVERSION SYSTEM can last several weeks or more and lose very little of the magnificent benefits our pitcher produces. This is just one more benefit that the ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT CERAMIC CONVERSION SYSTEM can provide that most other products in the marketplace cannot.

What are the benefits of drinking “Healthy Alkaline & Antioxidant Water”?
alkaline water

alkaline water
We Even Offer A 30 Day Money Back GuaranteeIf you are not completely satisfied with your results.
Try the ALKALINE ANTIOXIDANT CERAMIC CONVERSION SYSTEM for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about.

alkaline water filter

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alkaline water filters
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